Hand finishing with careful design, combining modern and old school features

The most useful advances in the evolution of the single cut/two piece electric guitar since the 1950s is the understanding of what’s important to a build and what makes for a great feeling,  great sounding, responsive t style guitar.

t-90 In Solid, Chambered or Thinline - Budz/talkovich custom p90 w split Alnico3 and Alinco5 magnets. David Budz special 10k t bridge pickup. Wide range of beefy tones, the t90 drives a tube amp very nicely. 

t-69 In Solid, Chambered or Thinline. Two Humbuckers, Budz TrueFirebird style neck and Budz Mini Humbucker in the bridge position. Cut T bridge plate. Very traditional sounding w/ dual coil humbuckers. Full size Budz HBers also available. 

t-3 and t-33  In Solid, Chambered or Thinline . Two “S” style Budz or “t” style Budz Purebred and David’s special 6.6k bridge. t-33 is two Budz alnico8 low wind p90s and again, his special sauce 6.6 bridge pickup.

Chunky necks: Mass matters, a beefy neck eliminates the possibility of dead spots  for a consistent response up and down the neck. Our necks are“medium chunky” .870 at the first fret to .970 at the fourteenth fret, a comfortable soft V profile with a 12 inch fingerboard radius, hand rolled fingerboard edges, single action vintage style top adjust truss and one inch and three quarters (1 3/4ths)  wide at the nut w/ stretched string spacing (7.75mm). Medium Chunky is a little beefier than current mass produced electric guitars, mated with the soft V profile it’s not noticeable and makes for a stiffer neck and still fast playing. Chunky necks and tight neck pockets rule.

Custom design Budz hand wound pickups:  Handwound by one man, David Budzinski. His are the quietest and most expressive single coil pickups I’ve heard,.. Budz pickups are responsive, dynamic, smooth in the top end, articulate in the mids with clarity and an inspiring bloom after the initial attack. The t90 model has a beefy signal and does a nice thing when it hits a tube amp.

Thin finishes of nitrocellulose lacquer:  My finishes consist of thin coats of natural nitrocellulose lacquer. It’s the most time consuming part of my build process. Thin coats help me apply the minimum finish and allows the thinner to gas out bewteen coats. I work with traditional colors with clear lacquer color for depth. I do thin satin lacquer finishes on pine and swamp ash, the Primitive models.

CNC Accuracy and consistency:  Bodies and necks and CNC machined by long time partners, now Sound Guitar Works in Washington state. The alder, ash and maple in my builds are sourced in the united states. My design specifications, their machines. Everything is final sanded, finished, assembled etc. etc. here in Georgia