t90 & Goodsell Super 17 L.E.

The t90 semi-hollow (solid center, hollow wings) electric guitar is my main model. The weight, responsiveness and versatility of the platform excites my imagination. It's a great stage guitar and a fine couch player with it's fairly loud unplugged sound. With a Budz deep dish or P90 and a Budz 42 bridge (alnico 4 on the EADG strings, Alnico 2 on the E&A for a sweet, smooth top end) there's the possibility of many expressive sounds available.

Budz Deep Dish p90 sized neck pickup and a Budz 42 bridge is all you need. Swamp ash body, maple neck with pau ferro fingerboard, pearl dots, Glendale stainless steel bridge and twang saddle set, cold rolled steel on the E&A strings for that grand piano sound, brass on the D,G,B&E strings for a smooth top end. Reverse controls and extremely thin sunburst lacquer finish.

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