Neck Specs - Wide nut & extended string spacing 

scott t903

Neck profile is a hand shaped soft "V" profile on a medium chunky neck (.870 at the 1st fret, .970 at the fourteenth) with a 1 3/4th Wide Nut and wide string spacing to 7.75mm. I hand roll and sand the top fingerboard edges, the fingerboard sides are tapered in slightly by design. As of late 2017 most guitars have Jescar EVO Gold medium jumbo frets and I use a flatter a 12 inch fingerboard radius, all designed to fit the curve of the players hand and facilitate movement up and across the neck. The wide nut and string spacing translates into improved playability. Perfect for fingerpickers, blues players, chord players, double stop players,.. Profile, radius and width all were chosen to maximize the playability, the feel.

The chunky neck is another element of design. Larger necks provide a stable platform for string vibrations; more the mass, the more consistent sound. It take my time in fitting the neck to the body, sanding the neck pocket a little at a time to insure the tightest fit.

Current neck backs are satin nitro lacquer for a silky, no drag, fast feeling, there's no break in. I string up a new guitar, let the neck come to tension for a couple days, then I level the fingerboard w/ the truss rod, level the frets, crown the frets then buff and polish the frets on a machine wheel buffer for a smooth feel, it’s just easier to bend notes on nicely polished frets.

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