Q: Custom orders?

A: I will accommodate within my model specs for color, appointments, etc. I offer one profile neck in full scale or by request, conversion scale. Email or call and we’ll discuss.

Q: Is there special care needed for Nitro Cellulose Lacquer finishes?

A: Yes. Many guitar straps, guitar stands, hangers etc. are not "lacquer friendly." You have to ask the maker and use diligence. When in doubt store your strap separately. I use lacquer safe “hanger bras” that fit over hanger and stands. Most types of rubber tubing, unless specifically lacquer safe, is suspect.

For long term storage in ANY TYPE OF CASE, it’s best to cover the guitar body and neck rest w/ cotton (tshirt, etc) and store the strap separately.

Other Considerations are

-your stand or hanger, just cover the rubber with cotton and that will protect your lacquer finish from marks.

-Bug spray will kill a lacquer finish, keep it far away.

-“Never wipe down the instrument with anything other than a 100% cotton cloth”. True that. Microfiber in a pinch.

-Never put the instrument away with moisture, sweat, grease, alcohol,.. etc., on it. Wipe ‘er down.

-extreme heat, direct sunlight and freezing cold is bad for lacquer finishes. Opening a hot case in a cold room (or visa versa) can crack the finish so be aware.

-Or ignore most (no bug spray) of the above and let your finish age.

Q: Do you recommend a polish?

A:If you want to preserve the feel your talkovich guitar, Zymol Z503 Car Cleaner Wax is the best stuff hands down. Smells great and it's all natural. "Made from the highest grade of ingredients that are derived from nature, including gentle cleansing lemon oil, and aloe vera emollient to help prevent dulling and spotting. Contains coconut oil for natural cleansing of even the most sensitive paint finishes.”