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daphne t90

The most useful advances in the evolution of the single cut/two piece electric guitar is our understanding of how great examples were created and what features they have in common.

Big necks! more comfortable to play for longer periods of time. Players tell me “this is the nicest fret work I’ve seen”, “makes you want to play”, “the frets ends are beautiful”, I played it and smiled” and “are these stainless steel frets?”(they are not, just nicely polished). I level, crown and polish the frets and fingerboard after the guitar has had string tension for a day or two. That’s how you get a precise level and crown. 

talkovich necks have a smooth, fast, broken-in feel. I’m proud to say all my guitars play great. I’ll challenge any plek machine.

I build guitars w/ the same neck specs and I see and hear a consistency in tone, responsiveness and balance in my guitars. I buy the best American parts (USACG, a long relationship) that anyone could buy technically,.. though I spec my neck dimensions, neck heel thickness and neck pocket depth, but I build a guitar that has a unique sound, feel and personality, not a reproduction.  The wider 1 3/4ths nut and wide string spacing at the nut is another feature that improves playability, it’s easier to play first position chords, and up the neck,..double stops, bends,.. just a small measure of extra real estate between the strings makes a noticeable difference in playability. Playability and Tone. 

Custom design, hand wound pickups.

I knew the sounds I wanted to hear,.. single coils with enough shoulders to drive a tube amp nicely,.. a neck pickup that’s fat, has personality with clarity and a wider sound,… match it with a healthy but articulate bridge pickup, pleasing top end that can be rude when cranked. A simple guitar that covers a wide range of sounds, like an acoustic guitar. Expressive and dynamic with a blend of modern and old school sensibilities.

Every talkovich guitar has pickups hand wound by one man, David Budzinski. I don’t know any of my guitars out there where the owner has changed the OEM Budz pickups (guitar nerds will know this is a big deal). They are the quietest single coil pickups I’ve heard and David knows EVERYTHING you do makes a difference, there’s very little potting (maybe a bit of lacquer). Magical magnetic matters (inductance,, flux) and metallurgical properties are all at play, all effect how the pickup “hears” the string and what happens after the initial attack, the bloom of the note. David blends different value alnico magnets, does true hand winding, sweats differences down to the composition of the pole pieces in the Budz p90s,.. the man is a wizard. His pickups are soulful, smooth in the top end, fatter in the mids with excellent clarity, dynamic response and articulation. The fuller signal does a nice thing when it hits a tube amp. A little more signal helps a tube amp to sing, a smoother top end yields a warmer overdrive,.. just what you want.

My finishes are many very thin coats of natural nitrocellulose lacquer, takes a couple weeks to apply, a month to fully gas out but I get a very thin finish that polishes to a rich, deep luster that only nitrocellulose lacquer can give. I work with traditional colors with coats of clear lacquer over the color for depth and I show natural wood when ever I can, most of the t90s models are twotones with natural sides and back and a solid color top. I do thin satin lacquer finishes on pine, my Primitive models.

DSC 2154

Hand finishing, careful design of modern and old school features, custom pickups and wide, a expert set up distinguishes my guitars. talkovichguitar models are designed to fill a need for a light weight, simple, easy to play, professional grade versatile stage and recording electric guitar with a wide range of tones.

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