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jasonreichertjj smt

My t90 guitar is a guitar I anxiously waited for, a very long time (3.5 months). I borrowed one initially to try, and for a month long tour with Arrested Development it exceeded my expectations and also put big smiles on their faces. Covering styles of music from genres old and new this guitar loaded with Budz pickups surprisingly covered all my bases with flying colors. Not to mention the light weight which let me keep up my energy live and thick comfy soft V shaped neck that just feels like home! Stephen has mastered building a new style Tele that stays true to what Tele's have always been about while still being cutting edge and super high quality. He's meticulous & a perfectionist with his work while caring for each guitarist's needs. The t90 is an addition to the collection that ends up leaving all your other guitars sitting around being wonderful dust collectors." - Jason "JJBoogie Reichert

David & Sally copy

"...good looks, great sound, and playability'...I would say you have accomplished this, and much more, Stephen. Wherever I go, when I pick up Sally and plug her in, I always hear the immediate reaction. Then, when she begins to sing, the audience comes to know what a finely crafted instrument my Sally truly is. Thanks for building me such a great guitar.” David Decker -- Studio Owner, Recording and Performing Musician

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Love this guitar, it’s my go to for recording. Jessie Triplett — Collective Soul

Ok here's the deal best guitar I've owned,  Can I commission* you on another one?  Ed Roland — Collective Soul

Also, can I buy that natural guitar. You got me hooked. Ed Roland — Collective Soul

*Ed Roland inspired our first humbucking model, the t-69 and has three of our guitars-st

daphne t90

Daphne Blue/Mary Kay White Twotone t90---Once I unpacked, spewed peanuts all over the floor and tuned up, the first thing that hits you is the look… The fingerboard looks like ebony it's so dark and the '58 Cadillac color scheme is perfect. I first grabbed the neck, I didn't think about it being a new guitar b/c it felt so comfortable and the spacing is great for an old blunt fingered bass player. Public debut of our new guitar, everyone loved the sound... I like the sound and the way it plays. --Harris Marley

kyle goodt90

I absolutely love my guitar…what else can you say? Stephen takes his time and creates a work of art. My guitar felt great the moment I plugged it in to my Goodsell amp. Stephen sent me pictures almost weekly at every phase of the process. The guitar weighs about 7.5 pounds and has a thin coat of laquer and sings with so much sustain. I have been a rep for many “high line” instruments and this guitar has the quality you would look for without the thousands of dollars for a comparable model. My band covers many styles of music from all era’s and this guitar “fits” into all the situations. The best part is the singing tone… Stephen will not give you a guitar that he would not approve. Thanks for my Dream guitar…. -Kyle Smith

t90 shorelinegold

Shoreline Gold/Natural Twotone t90--Did my first gig with my new t90, and it played and sounded awesome! I received many compliments on my tone. I can't thank you enough for such a great guitar! -I was able to spend some intimate time with my t90 today. Jammed along with some BB King songs, and was very impressed with the way the guitar responded to my touch and pick attack.  The pickups are very expressive, if I strum lightly I get a great clean sound, but if I dig in with my fingers I can get a nice snap and fullness out of them. Good choice using the aluminum E/A bridge saddle. Then, if I switch in an OD pedal, they sing. I like more of a push of my original tone than OD/distortion, so I always set my OD’s to a lighter setting. But man, the guitar is super expressive when I switch back and forth between pickups, talk about tone and sustain, I am loving it!! I really think it comes down to you and how you put it together, it’s made with quality wood and components by a man who knows how to bring the best out of the instrument, period!! Had a blast playing today, just wanted you to know, thanks again for the super fun playing guitar!! --Curt Summers  Eagle River, Alaska

aaron t

As a career bass player, my occasional switchover to guitar has always tenuous at best. Small strings and smaller necks have always left me ham-handed and awkward on 6-strings.

But with my new t90, all of that's a thing of the past. With its beefy neck profile and incredibly natural action, I can play with greater ease and control. And what a tone!

I now have all the sonic qualities of a multi-thousand-dollar vintage instrument that feels like one too. Not only that, but it plays as if it was custom-made just for my hands. Off the rack, it's simply 

My S. Talkovich is the best addition to my arsenal in years. 
Thanks, Stephen! - Aaron Trubec


This guitar has really impressed me beyond my expectations, it has really proven to be the only guitar I take with me to gigs. Even on the road, if I break a string I DO NOT CHANGE GUITARS! I finish the set on 5 only because it is the most comfortable guitar I have ever played. I can get Wes Montgomery tone, and Waylon tone in the same guitar! I can milk blues tones and C&W and surf on the same guitar! It's really made my nervous anguished mind ease. Any style I choose to play, it is the right fit. Quality and well thought out design has made playing more fun then it should be. I love it. Cant wait to get another one. Such tone from a small guitar, and so raw and raunchy for a semi hollow body. Using zero pedals straight into ANY tube amp I can get just what I'm looking for. Anytime, any room, any situation. It is for sure the most comfortable guitar I have ever owed/played.-Art Holliday


I love this guitar. I have several and am generally an acoustic  player, but even at home, as well as the stage, im drawn to the playing comfort of my talkocaster (mahogany body t90). The tones, the look, the feel, it is the perfect match for my Goodsell amp, and customized to my playing style. A superb, high quality instrument from an obvious guitar appreciator. Bottom line, i love this guitar. Thanks Talk! -Joe McGuinness


Well, here I am in my 50th year as a professional musician. Needless to say, as a guitarist I have owned a LOT of guitars, and played a whole lot more. Always searching for certain characteristics that made the guitar both reliable and easy to play. I've owned some wonderful instruments over the years.  But when I received my Talkovich guitar, I knew it would be the last one I would ever need. It is, by far, the best solid body electric guitar I have ever played. Built on a basic Telecaster body design, with Stratocaster electronics, it is, in my opinion, the most stable and reliable instrument of it's type ever designed. The Tele body is improved with a contoured back and thinner design, with no loss of tone or sustain. A very rare mesquite top and a composite neck that in ten years of service has not warped of shifted in the least bit. I am not a collector of guitars. I keep only the ones I use. -Bill Sheffield


"I've had my TSS3 Swamp Ash fifteen years and it's the only solid-body I currently own or need, truth be known. As primarily a fingerstyle acoustic player, the neck is familiar & comfortable. It's absolutely no sweat to pick up & play without long reimmersion exercises after a long layoff playing my acoustics. All my acoustic pals who play a little electric are always astounded by this whenever they pick it up”.  -David Gibson


Over the years, I have played many different guitars for many different bands with different styles of music. Two years ago, I picked up a Talkovich t90, and it has been my guitar of choice for live playing and studio recording ever since. The t90, matched with my Goodsell Super 17 amp, offers outstanding tone. With the P-90 neck pick-up and single coil Tele bridge pickup, I am able to dial in a diverse range of tone playing jazz, blues, rock, and r&b. Thank you Steve for the fine work you do and the fine products you produce! 

Randy Chapman
Cliftwood Studios


I have had the privilege to own two different S. Talkovich guitars.  I first owned the TSS3 Angel from your earlier days.  That guitar is a work of art and it changed how I viewed a classic design.   The neck is silky smooth and fast.  The tone has tight bottom end, strong clear mids and a high end that sizzles with no ice pick tendencies.  

Recently I was lucky enough to become the owner of your Blondie build.  This guitar, reflecting you more recent concepts, really improves on your already excellent designs.  Blondie is light and resonant; she sits well on the shoulder for long periods of time.  The beauty is obvious and your neck profile is super fast and welcomes expressive bends.  She also shares the articulate note separation and tonal bliss I found in the Angel. I tend to play a classic rock style with a fairly decent amount of gain.  The thing that jumped out at me the minute I cranked the gain on my plexi clone was, “Hey, where’s the squeal?”  It wasn’t there.  This is the first guitar, I've owned, of this classic design that I didn’t have to worry about the squeal at higher volumes.  No crazy pickups or wacky noiseless circuits that suck tone.  Just high quality parts, and a fit and finish. - Kevin King


Love my talkocaster, it wakes me up in the morning, it puts me to bed at night.
--Nathan Nelson

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